Thursday, January 29, 2009

Live DVD Recording

Sunday night I went with my friend Tracie to see Travis Cottrell, Cindy Morgan, Shaun Groves and let's not forget Beth Moore! Travis was recording a live Worship DVD/CD at First Baptist Church of Woodstock. Tracie and I both love christian music, so this was a blast for us. It was a great night and I left with a quote that has been marinating in my brain since then.

"The dark is getting darker. We must raise our level of passion to impact the world for Christ."
Travis Cottrell

Still marinating....

Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy New Year!

Yes I realize this is a little late...but what else would I title a post that follows our Christmas picture?
The holidays were great. We had Christmas at home with just the four of us and it was sweet. We visited my in-laws in Louisiana for about a week afterwards and had a blast catching up with the parents, siblings and cousins.

Favorite Christmas gift-Wii Fit from my husband (I asked for it!) We are a competitve bunch and let's just say it's provided hours of entertainment thus far. This week I discovered the balance game section and to put it mildly...we're a little out of balance. If we could just stop laughing, we might be able to dodge the shoes, cross the tight rope and walk in the bubble just a little longer. But then again, it wouldn't be nearly as much fun.
Speaking of Games-my sister in-law brought this fabulous card game, Phase 10, for us to play while we were in Louisiana. She and I played with the daughters, age 7-10, and it was a blast. The game went on for hours the first time and then we all got the hang of it and the gloves were off! Seems the competitive bug runs on both sides of the family.
My mother and her two sisters came to visit last weekend, so I got a set for us to play. There were five generations of women playing cards around our kitchen table for several hours. It was a sweet memory for me and hopefully for my daughter. One of my favorite things to do growing up was to sit around my grandmother's kitchen table and listen to her tell stories.
Hopefully this is the start of a new tradition for us...taking time to make memories.