Sunday, August 12, 2012

For Hannah

Hannah is my daughter- a teenager about to step into her Freshmen year of high school. This is for her.
Hey sweet thing. Tomorrow is your first day of high school. Wow! I can't believe it. I've thought about this day for the last few months, literally since you left middle school in May. I've also written this post in my mind a thousand times since then. And yes I did cry…most of the time. I realize you wouldn't cry, but that's how we roll. It's hard to believe I gave birth to you- a non-crying girl. It's ok though, I've got it covered!

There's so much I would like to say to you about this day and the next four years, but there will be time for that. Moments when it's just the two of us and nobody's around. Today I just want to say how proud I am of the young woman you are. Your strength and courage during some difficult times over this past year have blown me away. Moments when I thought surely you would crumble into a puddle, you stood tall and kept believing. Recently you said to me, "Mom it's not up to me, it's up to God." It seems so natural to you. And yet you have no idea how not natural that is for a fourteen year old, or an adult for that matter. Your faith is amazing and a blessing to those who know you.

Earlier in the summer I heard this song called "For Your Splendor" by Christy Nockels. It has become my prayer for you over these past few months. One line in the song says, "It's hard to grow when everybody's watching, to have your heart pruned by the One who knows best." It truly is hard in the times you're living in. There is such an insatiable appetite to communicate instantly and just about everyone has the ability to do so, and does. It's almost impossible to unplug and turn off the noise when you just need a moment. Guard your heart sweet girl. Be still, listen for and hear the voice of God. He absolutely has a wonderful, perfect plan for your life.

The song also talks about growing deep roots. Roots that bear branches that in turn bear fruit. It's a process. You keep growing your roots at the feet of Jesus-He loves you the most. I wish that would mean that every day would be easy from now on, but it won't be. There will be more refining and pruning; all to make you an even more beautiful display of His splendor. I love you and am blessed to call you mine.

Have a wonderful first day of high school!  And because I really love you, I want sing the song.

Listen to Christy's version!   For Your Splendor by Christy Nockels