Saturday, April 23, 2011

In Between

Today is Saturday. This particular one is the day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. All day I kept thinking what this day must have been like for those who lived during Jesus' ministry on earth. What were they thinking? How did those who walked with Jesus and sat at His feet spend the day in between? Those who knew that He was indeed exactly who He said He was, what must that day have been like for them? Scripture gives us a little insight, but not much. So I wondered today, this day in between.

The crucifixion brings me to my knees. There's no way to grasp such love with my finite mind. I am forever grateful that Jesus died for me. Thankfully, I live knowing that the cross wasn't the end. The grave wasn't the end. Jesus lives. There's no joy like knowing that Jesus lives. My day in between is filled with great expectation of the Easter celebration tomorrow. I hope yours is too. Sunday is coming.

Happy Easter!


Elaine said...

This post blessed me so much!!!
Thank you for sharing the song too. My husband is sick and we were not able to attend service this morning so this was such a blessing to read this and listen to the song. HE is ALIVE!!!!!!

Bridget said...

Thanks Elaine. I'm sorry your husband was sick. Praying he is better today.