Monday, May 26, 2008

Gather & Grow Group

Last week we wrapped our Gather & Grow group for the summer. It was an exciting, thought provoking six weeks! As we studied through What Happens When Women Say Yes To God, each week we were challenged in different ways. Here's a brief synopsis:
Week One-Utensils....Read about it here.

Week Two-Saying Yes to God will mean allowing Him to smooth out some rough edges in our lives; we are becoming like river rocks; no longer jagged and edgy, but smooth and resting.

Week Three-Being Radical about Obedience means letting go of the "I can'ts". We actually took the time to write down anything that we thought was keeping us from saying yes and threw it in the fire!

Week Four-Focusing on God, worshipping Him alone will sustain us when the road is rough. We used this song as our prayer, Hear My Worship.
Week Five-Holding loosely to all that we've been given will make it so much easier to say Yes when God asks us to do something. Realizing also, that our obedience has an affect on others.
Week Six-Wrapping our calling and desires up in God's Word is what will sustain us. Nothing else will suffice!

If you are looking for a great book and bible study to do this summer, I highly recommend this one. Those of us who participated are still basking in all that was taught and shared.

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