Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Errors in Judgement

We recently returned from our vacation and I've since made a few "errors in judgement"! For those who know me, you certainly don't find this hard to believe! Anyway, during the last couple of days of vacation I started feeling a little under the weather. Thought it was just a head cold, cough thing. On the flight home, it seemed to get worse.
Error #1- I determined that it was from flying through the night, the six hour time difference, the two hour wait for luggage, etc, etc, etc.
Error #2- Once we were home, I began to self-medicate with some over-the-counter, knock me out drugs!!
Besides making me completely sleepy, they did nothing for me.
Error #3- Decide to go see a real doctor a few days later. Waited too long apparently. He asked if he could give me A shot that would make me feel better quickly. I hesitated, because choosing to inflict pain seems psychotic to me!! But I said yes to A shot!
Error #4- Nurse comes in with a breathing treatment and 3 syringes! I preceded to tell her that the doc said "A" shot and that meant 1, not 3. Those must be for someone else!! She just laughed and said assume the was that necessary. My arms are perfectly fine for giving A shot or 3 if you must!!
Error #5- Assuming that A shot would be my cure all, I agreed so there would be no trip to the pharmacy and no battling with insurance questions! Well, I left with four prescriptions and they all had coupons!!
Error #6- Prescriptions with coupons must be expensive, so I waited until this morning to make that trip.
(There are probably more errors that could be pointed out, but let's not!)

This morning before going to said pharmacy, I spent some time in my summer devotional. Here was the verse for today: "The Mighty One has done great things for me, and His name is holy." Luke 1:49
This is part of Mary's praise for being chosen to be Jesus' birth mother. Obviously not my calling, but God's Word is relevant to us today.
So today for me, it is praise for a lavishly, providing Father. You see at the pharmacy, I only had to pay for one prescription. The other 3 were free! I'm also thankful that we have medicine, insurance and available doctors.
God is good my friends and He is very aware of what concerns us!

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