Thursday, August 14, 2008


Someone should have warned me that leaving behind your workout routine for the summer can be dangerous. This week my children went back to school and so I started going back to my local Curves. Mercy, isn't there a warning label required for this stuff? My whole body aches!

The first day I was there, two ladies came in behind me. They're the Olympic kind of exercise know the ones that are not just going for gold, but the world record too. So in order to catch up on how our summers had been, they got on the circuit right behind me.
Thus I had to keep pace with them. It was not pretty people; it was painful and I sweated more than I ever did laying by the pool. My red face wasn't a sunburn, but all the blood in my body wondering what was I thinking.

Surely this will all get better next week. Stay tuned.

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