Thursday, February 5, 2009


Sometimes when we hear words like those in my last post they resonate with us. "The dark is getting darker. We must raise our level of passion to impact the world for Christ." In my case I couldn't stop repeating them, replaying them over and over in my head. I keep asking myself where is my passion meter? Is it low and I'm just apathetic and in a pit or is it high and I'm consciously looking for ways to see God at work and where He can use me? Truthfully I probably land somewhere in between those two levels on most days. Then last week God did something that just encouraged my heart--pumped it up really!

We were at a party for our Puerto Rican mission team. At the end, we watched a video of our pictures set to some great worship music. It was awesome to share all the stories and faces with our families. My daughter was sitting next to me and I kept whispering little details to her and my son was almost asleep in my lap. When everything was over my son sat up and said, "Mommy can you put that music on my ipod?" I almost cried because I thought he wasn't paying attention. But he had been moved by songs like "Hosanna, Mighty to Save and How He Loves." My son is 6 and you bet we will be putting that music on his little Mp3 player (Shh...he doesn't know it's not an ipod yet.) Because as his parent I want to raise his level of passion for the things of God. Later my daughter came over and asked me if there was a family mission trip that we could go on together. My heart was sailing people!! And we will definitely be looking into that as she becomes a tweenager....yikes. God was so sweet to us that night and I was totally reminded that the things my husband and I are passionate about overflow to our kids.

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