Monday, April 19, 2010

Jesus Calling

Jesus Calling by 33 Miles is one of my husband's new favorite songs. Mine too. This weekend we heard a great sermon about making Jesus part of your every day life. I think the song and the sermon compliment each other. Too many times we can wander through our life and forget that as believers Jesus is with us. He's right in the midst of where ever we are and whatever we're going through. I don't need to invite Him in to my stuff, He's there. I need to be asking for insight, for perspective, for wisdom to see how He's working.

Secondly when I don't acknowledge Jesus' presence, I miss Him. Not just what He's doing, but my heart misses Him. I miss the time of His encouragement, His mercy, His love, His grace. If that sounds odd to you, then I challenge you to make a habit of spending time with God every day. See what happens when you miss a the song says, "Can you hear Jesus calling?" I can.

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