Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Music Giveaway

Music is something that makes me smile and I love it! So I put a $15 iTunes card as part of the Blog Birthday celebration give away. Go here to read about the celebration and how to enter to win.

Anyway, my love for music started really early. I grew up with my Daddy playing bluegrass/country music in our house all the time. He taught himself to play the guitar and for most of my middle school/high school years he played in a band. Now before anyone falls off their chair, I am NOT a fan of bluegrass music. However I do have fond memories of writing down words to songs for my Daddy, so he could learn them for his band. Remember cassette tapes? Well I used to have to listen to the songs, hit play, listen again, hit stop, write down the words, hit play, listen again, hit stop, etc, etc, etc. I would do this until I got the whole song down!! It was insane, but it played a big part in teaching me to not just hear music, but really listen to the words.

I got an iPod for Christmas a few years ago and that has been such a blessing. To hear a song now on the radio and be able to get it quickly to listen to again is amazing and a real treat for me. Right now I'm loving Christmas music of course. My favorites are the Mercy Me Christmas cd and Glory in The Highest by Chris Tomlin. What's yours?

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