Friday, December 10, 2010

Potluck Club Giveaway

The Potluck Club is a book that a friend gave me to read about a year ago. It stars 6 very different, but very relatable women. They're just like me and you and all of our friends. Their lives are intertwined and they love each other, pray for each other, eat together and get on each other's nerves! Sound familiar? You will read with laughter, a few tears and much anticipation of what will each one do next. I will warn you now, once you start The Potluck Club you won't want to put it down. And you'll want the next one, and the next one after that to read quickly! Each book has a special bonus; they include some of the recipes that are talked about in the chapters. Good stuff!

This is the last giveaway in the blog birthday celebration! Go here and read the last couple of posts to find out how to sign up and what the other gifts are! Also, here is the potluck club website. It has lots of fun stuff about the Potluck Club ladies and the wonderful authors.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my posts for the past few years.

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