Wednesday, January 16, 2008

See Spot, See Spot Grow

On Monday I decided to make some muffins. Nothing to extravagant, but some chocolate chip muffins for me and my kids. In attempting to make them a little more healthy I added some ground flax seed. 1/2 of them got walnuts also! Anyhow, they were done and when the kids got home from school we enjoyed our treat! Well, then the spots started! At first I didn't notice the spots, because I was just itching all over and ALOT! The kids weren't itching they didn't have spots, but their mother did...everywhere! By Tuesday afternoon with no changes from a few doses of Benadryl, and more spots, we trekked our way to the doctor. Three hours later, a mammoth size shot and some drugs, we're never eating flax seed again!!

It's funny that after travelling this life, everyday for over 40 years,I'd never found anything that I was allergic to. Now that has all changed.

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