Sunday, January 6, 2008

Looking Back

Before moving on in 2008, I thought I would take a look back on 2007. What happened, what changed, how did God impact my life everyday?

The year began with my husband taking his first mission trip and for the first time in our marriage we were not able to communicate for about 10 days. I realized very quickly that I expect my husband to be God or at least God-like much of the time. Truly depending on God and not having unrealistic expectations of my husband was a defining moment for me in 2007. That same week would bring the death of our 12 yr old Collie named Coty. I would have never admitted how much it affected me and how much I would miss him. But it did....

Our kids would play baseball and softball. Our daughter's spring team would be the season winner and tournament winners in their age group! Go Blazers! Realizing that competitiveness takes on a whole new level for me when it involves my children was a lesson it and of itself!

The summer brought a couple of vacations with our families and an attempted break in at our house. Long story, but my valiant husband chased the would-be robbers and broke his arm. It was serious enough to have an operation and physical therapy. That brought about some strong emotions with us and it was challenging to be thankful that it wasn't worse.
This fall I had an incredible opportunity to teach a Bible study in an office setting. Something I had only dreamed of doing during my corporate years, but it finally became a reality in 2007. I also started studying the book of Acts, on my own, at an intentionally slow pace. More on that later....
School started and it was bittersweet. My youngest joined the ranks of Kindegarteners and I joined the ranks of an empty home during the day! Thought that would be exciting and fun and it was for awhile. Realized quickly that I thrive on routine and busyness! Psalm 46:10, "Be still and know that I am God." would resonate in my head as I would struggle to say no and not commit to everything that came along.

Probably my most favorite time of 2007 was early in the summer when I attended the She Speaks conference in Charlotte. This was an incredible conference for me and really encouraged me as a budding speaker. It is where I felt God saying start a blog, write down the things I'm teaching you, share them now. Yes it took me awhile to obey, but we're off and running in 2008 and that's enough looking back!

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Diane said...

Whew! What a year indeed! Of course, you have prompted me to do the same - yet, I dont know even where to begin! It went so fast, so slow - a defining year for me as well. This year already has proven to be a challenging/humbling/intresting year...and its only Jan. 10!! Thank you again for following your heart and His voice, it is a tremendous resource and blessing.