Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Time

Christmas Time! It's almost over...in the material, worldly kind of way. All the presents are opened, the toys are released from their strongholds (my hands hurt!) and I think dear hubby has my iPOD Nano loaded and ready for me to listen to my new cds on! However, I do hope to continually be reflecting and living a life of celebration long after midnight

This season brought me several new thoughts about the Christmas story and Jesus birth. I've been reflecting a lot on Mary and what her life must have been like, her thoughts, concerns, fears, joys, etc. As I think back on giving birth for the first time, I was probably twice Mary's age and had a wonderful hospital and staff by my side. Anything that I or my child needed was readily available. Certainly I was scared, but was Mary?

"I am the Lord's servant. May it be to me as you have said." This is Mary's response in Luke 1:38 to being the virgin mother of the Savior of the World. Wow! What confidence, what self-control this young woman had.
I'm thinking I would have had a whole list of questions like what will my husband say about all this? where are my pre-natal vitamins? who will tie my shoes when I can't see my feet? are nine months really necessary?

Seriously, what I've realized is that I tend to like things in order, to control what's happening or at least know what's happening. The challenge for me is to be more like Mary when things are messy or uncomfortable and not immediately try to clean up. To say I am the Lord's servant and like Mary know that He is the Lord in all these circumstances. To trust God and like Mary say may it be as You have said.

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