Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ready or Not.....

For about a month now, my husband and I have been planning a "Norman Rockwell, Parents of the Year" moment for our children. Santa was to drop an early Christmas present at the airport on Friday afternoon. We would drive there straight from school to pick up our suprise!

(His name is Gumbo and he's a comfort retriever.)

Several days had passed and we hadn't heard from Santa, so I gave him a call. Much to my suprise, he was delivering that day, two days early, Wednesday at 3:22pm. Did I mention it was 3:15pm? or that the airport is an hour away? or that I hadn't had a shower? or that said husband was in route from out of town? The last thought actually sparked my brain into overdrive and with Santa on hold, I called my husband and re-routed him to the airport!

I shared our plans with a friend a few weeks ago and she gently commented that said suprise would probably stink and be messy after several hours in a crate on a plane! So my special moment may not be so special! I was not too happy with her because this was spoiling my plans. However, she was right and so ready or not, here comes GUMBO! All stinky and messy as predicted! Amazing how God just worked that all husband to be driving at just the right time, my children to have a party to go to so we would be out of the house, making the phone call just in time!

Needless to say it all worked out fine. The kids were so excited and can hardly wait to get home everyday and play with him.

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Diane said...

Hey its Diane - Kellli passed this on to me - I cant tell you how helpful this is for me - more on that later. I wanted to share w/ you my same sentiments on the lack of a jolly feeling - and frankly for the same reasons, not being able to give to the level I feel adequate. What an interesting reminder you give though as to what Christ asked from His friends. Not food, not drink, not any sort of comfort (blanket, etc) just prayer - in a watchful manner. What better gift , and frankly what a challenging gift to give to my friends...
However, may I pose this question to you - HOW can you not feel like Santa w/ the TREMENDOUSLY ADORABLE gift you got your family !!!!! LOVE IT.