Sunday, December 9, 2007

Prayer - The Best Gift

For several days, maybe weeks, I've been in a weird place about Christmas this year. Not gringy, or scroogey, just a "hard to explain, not so jolly" kind of place. Anyway, I finally decided that what's causing my dilemna is my desire to give more this year, and the inability to do so.

You see for some reason this year, more than others, I have many relatives and friends in difficult places financially, spiritually, physically, etc., etc. Many of them spending extra time and cash going to and from hospitals, paying for parking, eating on the run because life is just a little more difficult right now. So my thought was to purchase gift cards to favorite restaurants, nearby gas stations, any place that might make their life a little easier. The reality is that is not a viable plan for me this year. Thus my "weird mood" over Christmas. Then late last week, I remembered some scripture that I had studied in Every Day Faith. Jesus, in probably His greatest hour of need, asks those with Him to "watch and pray." (Matthew 26:36-46)

If Jesus' desire was for His friends to watch and pray as He prepared to go to the cross, than I think it's the perfect gift for those in my life who are hurting this season. So I can't really put a price on it or wrap it up, but I can watch expectantly and pray earnestly for God to work.

More later....

PS...For an interesting and great book on prayer, take a look at Philip Yancey's "Prayer: Does It Make any Difference?"

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