Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Today is the DAY

So today is the day I start blogging! It's December 5th, 2007, and there's no particular significance for me to this day. I just finally decided to go for it. To write down all those fuuny thoughts, life's unexpected turns, amazing truths that I uncover in God's word, and who knows what else you might find here at "Every Day Faith".

The blog title is one I used for a Bible Study that I've taught a few times. It's purpose is to take a look at some of the Bible's stories of particular people, Old and New Testament saints, and see what we can learn from their stories. Questioning why their particular stories were left for us; what they could teach us about how to live our life in a Godly way today, every day.

While teaching this over the past few years to groups of different women, I've been fascinated how the same stories can have such different and impactful life lessons. It all depends on where you are at that moment, what you're focused on and how you hear God speaking through the stories. So while you're reading God's Word, ask Him to make a familiar story fresh. Drop by and share what new life lesson you learned today.

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Kelli said...

Wow Bridget! God has gifted you in so many ways. Thank-you for the way that you freely share your insight and encourage us in our personal walk. You are awesome....looking forward to your next posting. Kelli