Thursday, January 24, 2008

Girls Night Out!

Tuesday night was a rare treat for me! I had dinner with a friend, who was doing the no-carb thing. I, on the other hand, was doing the "let's not eat today, because tonight we feast on Italian and dessert" thing! Dinner was great and even better was the conversation and catching up we got to do without all the distractions of motherhood! Later we met others at my church for our Women's League Kick-off. Micca Campbell was the speaker and what a treat she was. (check out her blog at had heard her last summer at She Speaks in Charlottoe, NC. It was fun to have her at my home church and just enjoy hanging out with friends and hearing a great word of encouragement. That Word by the way came from a simple equation....No to self, Yes to God equals a Surrendered Life. Micca used great examples from being a mother to remind us to say "no" when we want to blow, be impatient, have a fit or in my case have another brownie to solve the problems! Yes to God, a surrendered life, is not a black abyss of I can'ts, but a life that lives above the chaos and confusion in God's presence. One of my favorite scriptures is Acts 3:19 and it commands us to repent so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord! Thanks for the reminder Micca!

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Diane said...

No to self, Yes to God equals a surrenderd life...hmmm thats so so so huge I mean HUGE, isnt it? Going to chew on that for several days - what more can I say then that is a strong word I needed...thanks Bridget!!