Monday, February 4, 2008

Silent Night, Holy Night

Yes I realize that's the title of a Christmas song,but it's so much more to me now. This past Thanksgiving, I sat by my Grandmother's bed and sang it to her. I'm not a singer, but just had this compelling urge to sing her to sleep. You see she'd been in that bed for almost two years, having suffered from dimentia and a stroke. All of us have been praying for God to take her home, wondering when she would be made whole again. As I sang that day, she closed her eyes and was so peaceful. This past Monday, January 28th, she closed her eyes for good. Now she is in the presence of God and many loved ones that she'd missed for so long. As sad as I am to be without her, I am incredibly grateful for God's mercy. She's walking again, talking again, physically in the presence of God!

WOW! My mind can't wrap around it, but one day I will be with God too. What about you?

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gvynevra said...

I hope I will, there's only the hope left, doesn't it? I can't say my mind can wrap around the fact that God really exists, but it's wonderful that you can!