Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wally World

I visited my favorite Super Store today...Wally World is what I fondly call it. Everything that was on my list was found and I was enjoying my check out. I had purchased some Hannah Montana items for my almost 10 year old daughter. The young man (approx. 20yrs old) that was helping me made a comment about Hannah Montana being everywhere these days! It was very tongue and cheek. So I explained that as a Mom of a tweenager that I was glad my daughter had chosen Hannah Montana to obssess over, because there were certainly others she could have chosen that would not have made me happy. And to my horror, he says, "You just wait, she'll do something stupid too!" Wow! I was saddened by his expectation, his surety that no one could actually make it through this life without really messing up. I get that no one is perfect, that we all sin. (In fact God says so in Romans, in case you don't get it!) But I, as a Mom, have a new resolve for Ms. Hannah Montana. I have heard her talk about her faith and even quote scripture to the most famous female talk show host around! So today, I'm praying for you Hannah Montana, (Miley Cyrus) to beat the odds, to be the one who is full of faith, grace and wisdom beyond your years. To be the one who makes a difference that counts in the lives of those younger who watch you. To be strong and courageous. And who knows, my Wally World friend may just be amazed.

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