Sunday, September 14, 2008

September Sprint continues

This week was crazy! It started with softball, baseball, practice, games, batting cages, uniforms, hitting, not hitting, pitching, not was all quite exhilirating really! I love watching my kids connect with these sports. I'm competitive and love me some good sports...too old to participate anymore, but I can definitely cheer them on.

Our kids also decided to take on some new activities this week. Our daughter tried out for the school chorus and made it. Go girl! Our son wants to join the Cub Scouts...go daddy! I'm sure that the male half of our house will enjoy some camping and cookouts, but not the girls.

Wednesday my Gather and Grow group met and we discussed our first lessons in Can We Talk by Priscilla Shirer. We had a few new people and God is just blowing my mind with these ladies! Each day covered a different relationship and how our words affect those we converse with. Our spouses, our children, other family members and friends, God, anyone we come in contact with can be affected by our words. We need to make the way we speak to each other worthy, not worthless.

Thursday I participated in probably my favorite event that our church does. It's called The Clothesline and we give away gently used clothes. I helped to sort some of the clothes for a few hours Thursday morning. I heard today that Saturday morning when the doors opened, it was packed. How awesome to see God's love at work. Makes me proud to go to NorthStar.

Saturday was my Mom's birthday. It had been a tough family week for us and we did not get to be together. We lost a very young family member to Tropical Storm Hanna earlier in the week, and everyone was just holding on. Apparently this was the only known US casualty from that storm, so it brought about some extra attention. Really could have done without that.

Today I helped present a seminar at church on Quiet Times. Mainly we dealt with how to have that daily time with God. It is such a humbling experience to think that God would use us to help further someone's walk with Him, to strengthen His Kingdom. I am honored and privileged to serve with Randy Elster, the pastor of the GrowthStarts ministry. Check out the blog...Randy always has some good information and encouragement for our faith journey.

Lastly, I attended the 11:00am worship service. Today's sermon was about finding the greatest treasure, becoming part of the Kingdom of God. I was left speechless, amazed by the grace of God. It was an incredible way to start this week.

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