Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Worship- do you get distracted when you're worshipping? I do; either by my preoccupation with something or by someone else. Over the past several weeks at church I've experienced some interruptions during our worship time. It didn't occur to me until this week that this has become somewhat of a pattern when I attend church. So now I'm a little annoyed because we have some incredible worship music at my church and I really enjoy it. And when I miss it, I feel like I've been robbed.

Here are a few examples:

  • Person in front of me kept turning around. (I thought maybe I forgot to put on a shirt-my husband assured me that was not the case!)

  • Lovey-dovey couple sits in front of me (They probably should've stayed home, if you get my drift.)

  • Person next to me starts texting on their phone (Could it really be that important?)

Now before the two people who read this send me a note, I realize that at any given point in my life this could've been me distracting someone else. Except the text messaging part...I'm not that cool!

But really, how do we keep our focus on God, on honoring Him, on worshipping the one we came to worship? I have a tiny bit of a clue about what it takes to put together a "table of worship" and so I want to come prepared on Sunday mornings to enjoy it with my church family. So how about you-how do you keep your focus during worship time?

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