Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Family Traditions

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and this year was no different. Growing up, my grandparent's home was the place where everyone gathered for bar-b-que on Thanksgiving Eve and turkey dinner on Thanksgiving day. There were sometimes 100 people are more gathered at my grandparents for the weekend and we would have the most fun.

Thanksgiving 2008 was the first one without my grandparents, so I entered into it a little sad and anxious about keeping all the traditions going. The number of people coming around has dwindled, but I must say we still had a great time. Bar-b-que on Wednesday was awesome, turkey dinner was incredible on Thursday and the shopping went on as usual on Friday morning.
(We, the ladies, leave in the dark a.m. and return in the dark p.m.!)

Favorite moment: My husband saying this has become his favorite time of year! I love that he gets that this was my favorite time ever growing up and now it's his too.

Funniest moment: My cousin wondering who puts wire in a size A other cousin saying to her if you need underwire in size A you've got other issues!! What were they thinking?!?!

Hardest moment: Leaving.

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