Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Puerto Rico

Last week I went to Puerto Rico on my first mission trip. There were 7 of us (perfect number) and we worked at a women's shelter. We arrived late Friday night to a foyer full of women, strangers to me. At first they all seemed to speak Spanish and had lollipops in their mouths! I wondered what they were thinking about us. I wondered what was I doing there; really I wanted to get on the van and go back to the airport. Then it happened-connection.

An older lady sitting on the end of a bench began to talk to the lady sitting next to her. They were looking at me. Then they yelled across the room to another lady and she looked at me. They were smiling and agreeing about something that seemed to be good. Nidia, our leader, translated to me that they thought I looked like Karen, a missionary who had been there before.

I have no idea who Karen is, but I am grateful for her today. Her name and face helped to make a connection when I was most scared, most unsure and most vulnerable on this mission. God knew my feet were ready to bolt and He reached out to me through strangers, to assure me that He loves me and that He called me to this mission.

Over the next few posts, I hope to share how God worked in my life and how He allowed me to work in His kingdom, for His glory.

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