Thursday, March 19, 2009


I read this quote the other day as I waited in my doctor's office. It was in the Feb/March 2009 issue of Working Mother magazine.

"Motherhood is relentless. It's not like, "Okay, today I want to sleep in."
Nope! You're going to get up and you're going to do it again."
Jennifer Lopez
I don't know Ms. Lopez, but for me, she hit the bulls eye! There are days when I think, not again. Another meal to cook, another load of laundry to fold, another floor to clean, another ballgame to attend, another _______________(you fill in the blank). And yet, I get up and do it again. Why? Because in the words of a great Darius Rucker song, "It won't be like this for long." Savor the days.

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Theresa Anderson said...

Sometimes, I find myself saying, "This too shall pass!" That simple phrase helps me to put things into perspective.