Sunday, March 1, 2009

Washing Machines

Washing machines are a critical part of my life...or so I found out this past week! On Monday morning I put in a load of clothes, a big load of clothes. Lots of socks, t-shirts, undies, etc. Added a little bleach, some detergent, turned the knob and went in the kitchen to do my Bible Study. Then there was this noise...a thump. It was loud and it scared me. I didn't see the washing machine coming through the door, so I ignored it. A few minutes later, more noise. This time I knew the washing machine was dieing. When I entered the laundry room, I was sure that smell was not good and the noise, well it confirmed my fears. I spent the next two hours wringing out the socks, shirts and undies, rinsing them and wringing them out again!

I'd like to say that my immediate reaction was good, but well it took me awhile. But thankfully, at some point during the rinsing and wringing, God pierced my heart to start praying. So I prayed for my family, thanked God that we had clothes, that we had a way to dry them, that we could replace our washing machine and before I knew it they were all done and in the dryer.
Unfortunately we were not able to get a new machine until Saturday morning. FIVE DAYS without a washing machine and the mountain of clothes in the picture is what you get...not once but twice!

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