Sunday, March 29, 2009


I have the utmost respect for nurses. Anyone who can handle blood and needles has my respect. It's not my deal....not even close. Well, this past week I had a minor surgical procedure done. While I was being prepped, the nurse said words that I really didn't want to hear and couldn't believe she said.
As she reached for a needle, she says, "I've actually never done this before. The doctor made me take the book home last night to learn how. I didn't read much of it, but I looked at the diagrams and think I have it down." People, she was about to put the IV line in my arm!!

Seriously, lady, you shouldn't have told me that. My blood pressure probably shot through the roof and my thoughts were, in a word, inappropriate! I managed to turn my head and all was going well, until she hit a nerve...really. I screamed, and she said I'm sorry, but you need to hold your hand down a little more. It already felt like she was trying to break my wrist, but I just sat there and had more inappropriate thoughts.....
At this point she could probably read my face, because I gave her the LOOK! She quickly finished and gave me the "happy stuff" that made me relax until the doctor came. For some reason, I no longer cared that I was a pin cushion. Happy thoughts.


Theresa Anderson said...

Bridget, Oh my gosh! How did the rest of it go? Your description is amazing; I gasped with you, became nervous with you, and laughed with you. Hope you are doing well now.

Theresa Anderson said...

forgot to say, I like your profile pic!