Monday, February 1, 2010

Music Mondays

What's "Music Mondays"? I'm glad you asked! It's a new post I hope to accomplish each week sharing a song or lyric that I enjoy. I love music and especially music that makes me think about God in a different way or encourages me to walk closer with Him. So I'm starting a new thing here on the blog…every Monday I'll post about a song or lyric that I've heard that will hopefully inspire you and help make your Monday a little bit brighter.

Why Monday? Monday's were always my least favorite day when I worked outside of the home and I needed a little inspiration to get going. The traffic always seemed worse, the kids didn't want to get going and neither did I. Most folks would take Friday's off; not me. I wanted to be off on Mondays, and besides Monday starts with an M and so does Music!! It's shallow I know, but after all it is a Monday people! So here goes…..

I Desire by Natalie Grant

This is an older song, from her Deeper Life cd. If you've never heard this song, click here. (Scratch that, I can't find a full recording of it on the web! Here's a 30 second one of the chorus...sorry.) First, Natalie's voice is a gift, a real treasure. I'm pretty sure she got double-dipped during her vocal chords creation, because she sounds angelic! The song seems to be written as a prayer and I often use it as one. Whenever I'm walking around the neighborhood or on my treadmill, it's always one of the songs I listen to and pray back to God.

My favorite line in the song says, "so fill me with a fire, that burns away my doubts and all my fears, into a place where You are all I hear". Doubt and fear can be paralyzing at times, causing us to question if we hear God at all. But when our passion is to know Christ, they don't have a hold on us. Ask God to fill you with a fire, a passion, that burns away anything that keeps you from Him. Below are the lyrics to the whole song.

I Desire by Natalie Grant

Here in this world that you've designed
From the rolling plains to the oceans
Deep and wide
Where are the words that can say what's
In my heart
All that I am is amazed by who you are

The one thing I desire
Is just to know you more
To live a life that moves and breathes
And loves to bring you joy
So fill me with a fire
That burns away my doubts and all my fears
Into a place where you are all I hear
It's the one thing I desire
To do what you require
Is the one thing I desire

To love when I'd rather turn away
To give when I'm more resigned to take
To reach out a hand to someone who
Feels alone
The way you reached for me
When there seemed to be no hope

I'll live my life serving Christ
Offering a sacrifice of praise

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