Monday, May 10, 2010

New Thru 30

New Thru 30 is a site I came across a few months ago...probably via somebody else's blog! It is a 30 day reading plan for the New Testament, done chronologically. I bookmarked it and thought I really want to do that some time. Well, it's seems that now is the perfect time. So starting next Monday, May 17th, I'll be reading through the New Testament in 30 days following their plan. (The plan is from Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC and they did it back in January.) Click on the reading plan button and you'll see the schedule. I'm just changing the dates to fit my start and I especially love that there are "Grace Days", so if I get behind, I can catch up.

If you want to join me, just leave me a comment. I'd love to pray for you as we go on this journey. My goal is to post at least once a week about what we're reading and hopefully learn from each other.

And because it's Monday, we need a song. This one is perfect...Word of God Speak by Mercy Me. Enjoy.

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