Monday, May 3, 2010

You are the Light

I first heard this song a couple of months ago. It's one that just sticks in your mind and you sing it all the time...or at least I do. This weekend we sang it at church and I think I wept through the whole thing. The song says, "You are the Light, the light of the world, And we shine you Lord." Unfortunately I had a moment (o-k maybe a few) this weekend where that wasn't true for me.

Saturday my daughter played in a softball game. Their team has not done well this season. But this day they were playing great and were well on their way to a victory. Talk of an ice cream celebration was in progress. Unfortunately in the last inning things fell apart. During the last play, the ball was hit into right field and our player held the ball. The runner on third stole home. Game Over. We lost. B.R.U.T.A.L.

I am a very competitive soul and nothing about shining Christ entered my mind. My daughter and I headed to the car and unleashed on each other about how pathetic this whole thing was. She's about as competitive as her mother...have mercy!

Fast forward to Sunday morning. Worship was so great at church and then we start singing this song..."We are the people of God, The sons and daughters of love, Forgiven, Restored and Redeemed, Living our lives to the praise of our King". I could barely breath, much less sing. God was so sweet to remind me that my life is to shine for Him-always. You see as I tried to pull myself together, God also reminded me of a conversation I had Friday morning with my daughter. We were driving to school and discussing all things softball. Here's what I said to her:
"Hannah at the end of the day, it's a game. It's just a game. Our goal is to lead people to Jesus, not to us."
You should probably pray for my daughter because her Moma has quite a few people living in her head sometimes. This weekend was no exception. Thankfully we are forgiven, restored and redeemed.

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